Our goal is to help you reach yours.

The Advanced Performance Academy was developed in 2010 with a passion to produce an elite baseball training center that caters to all levels. Since that time, the Academy has evolved into one of the premier athlete development facilities in the Northeast having trained multiple MLB, NFL, NHL, collegiate, amateur and adult clientele. We believe that our training methodologies can carry over and relate to athletes of all experience. Our goal is to continuously push our athletes to levels they did not feel existed and challenge those limitations on a daily basis. 

At AP, we pride ourselves on our "Building Champions" methodology. We preach the process to which champions are built. It’s a process that can’t be mastered overnight. Our aim is to inspire our athletes and empower them to take over their careers through hard work, information and dedication.

Let's Get Started. 

Promise to our clients:

+ To help our clients reach their stated goals and have a better understanding of themselves.

+ To continue pushing the envelop on what we know and how we structure what we teach.

+ To provide a system that blends traditional skill and strength acquisiton for our athletes.

+ To match passion with purpose and lead with that passion every day.




Our goal is to offer a one of a kind opportunity for athletes to become more than they thought they could be.
— Peter Fatse, Founder / Director of Athletic Development

Our Staff


PETER FATSE // Dir. of Athlete Development

ALEX SMITH // GM, Athlete Development

JOE CIARLA // Sports Performance

Matt O'Neil // Hitting/Defensive Instructor


Nick Ahmed

Longtime AP Athlete and Major League shortstop Nick Ahmed has seen the benefit of consistent training and mental discipline pay off at the highest level in baseball.


FRANK Vatrano

To compete in the NHL, athletes  must have a blend of strength, conditioning and rehabilitation to maximize their on-ice success.


Drew Demartino

Hard work, dedication and consistency are the necessary disciplines for athletes looking to take their careers to a new level. For Drew Demartino, those attributes were the driving force in this accelerated path to collegiate baseball.

Pursue your passion.

Internship and Careers

A career at AP Academy means making a positive impact on peoples lives each and every day. We pride ourselves in the ability to properly evaluate our athletes, educate them on their training and nutritional needs and elevate them to levels they previously did not know existed!  Think you are a good fit for our team? Take the first steps by completing our internship questionnaire.

What we look for at AP Academy:

  • People that care about being a part of the TEAM
  • Passion to help others achieve their best
  • Professionalism and timeliness
  • The ability to thrive in a high-intensity environment
  • Show and entrepreneurial spirit

What is the AP Academy?

The AP Academy is a training facility geared towards sports performance/fitness, athlete development and lifestyle.

What types of internships does AP offer?

We offer internships for candidates looking for sports performance, strength and conditioning, coaching, business management, and media/marketing.

What Can I expect from an internship?

As an intern, you will be working with our staff to actively innovate and/or coach. We encourage our athletes to get a deeper understanding of the fields they wish to pursue.

What is a typical day at AP?

The schedule is completely dependent on the coach or administrator that you are working with. However, working hours run from 11:00-7:00 PM.

Are internships paid?

While not typical, they can be.

How can I apply?

Fill out the required informaiton in the form above and a member of our staff will be getting back to you shortly.

Are there job opportunities?

Yes, we typically like to offer coaching posiitons, part-time/full-time jobs to those individuals that have worked through our internship program.


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