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Private Instruction (1-1) is a great training environment for athletes looking to progress through programming at their own pace. The first step for the athlete is to undergo an evaluation with one of our skill coaches. The evaluation will consist of a variety of skill work but is mostly used for our coaches to better understand the athlete, how they learn best and ultimately how they move. Once the initial session is complete, the athletes have the option of training in 60-min or 30-min blocks. Athletes 12 and under must begin with 30-min sessions unless their instructor denotes otherwise. 

Private Instruction Programs are offered in 5-session increments. We value our ability to instruct our athletes but we also understand acquiring new skill takes time. We truly value the progress our athletes can make  in 5-session programs and most of our training requires 5-week intervals. 


  • 1-1 60-Min: $80.00

  • 1-1 30-Min: $50.00

  • 1-1 60-Min (5-Sessions): $375.00

  • 1-1 30-Min (5-Sessions): $225.00