Our goal is to develop pitchers that have the ability to compete at the highest level of the game. We make an effort to consistently evaluate our process and the methods to which we teach using data points and analysis. At APA, we work with athletes ranging from youth baseball to the Major League Level.


Our pitching philosophy is based around identifying and optimizing specific movement patterns that are unique to each individual. All baseball players are different, there is no “one size fits all” as it pertains to throwing mechanics. Each pitcher has individual strengths and weaknesses. Our job is to identify those weaknesses, change the pattern and establish a more efficient mechanism.


Blending the unique "style" of each pitcher with an elite movement pattern is a process that takes time. There are no shortcuts to success. Dedication of time and effort are the catalyst to success on the diamond. We believe that each pitcher has the ability to create and maintain elite patterns that create a greater margin for success.


If you are a pitcher looking to take a cumulative approach to your development,  if you are a ballplayer looking to become the best version of yourself or are simply trying to learn as much as you can about these movement patterns then we can start from here. At APA we are constantly learning and evolving to develop the best systems for our athletes. We look forward to sharing that information with you!


Athletes can join the Academy and participate in hitting sessions through a variety of different programs. We offer private, semi-private training at the facility but also offer remote coaching services to those athletes or programs looking to work with APA.

To find out more about any of our private or semi-private training options and pricing, please click the “More Info” button on the right hand side.


AP Academy is your year round training destination for all youth and high school athletes. With a variety of programs for all seasons we have several options that will exceed your expectations. Our goal with all youth and high school athletes is to establish elite habits that lead to improving the athletes process to develop their skill sets.

  • Individual Training Sessions: 1-on-1 lessons with Alex Smith former New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Ray farmhand

  • Group Training Sessions: Groups of 2-4 athletes instructed through specific drills to better movement patterns throughout the pitching delivery

  • Velocity Development: High School athletes only using Driveline Baseballs programming to develop elite arm path patterns and velocity. More information here.


AP Academy serves as an off-season destination for many athletes looking to maximize their training off-campus. Whether it is for a long-weekend or summer break, we provide athletes with an opportunity to continue training at a high level. Our program design is based around the specific need of each athlete. 

  • Collegiate Athlete "Open Gym": Collegiate Athletes coming in to train with coach "supervision".

  • Seasonal Training Programs: Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Summer Break. Athletes come in and execute their program designed by AP. 

  • Remote Training Options: Have our staff customize a training program specific to the needs of the athlete. This would require an initial "consultation" in person or via Skype to manage expectations. 


Managing a professional off-season is vital to sustained success. At the pro-level, we understand the unique blend of recovery and stress that goes into training athletes undergoing incredibly difficult work loads during the course of the regular season. Training methods used will depend on the individual as well as the sport that they play as all have "target" areas. 

  • Off-Season Training: Access to facility space and or private coaching options available.

  • Remote Training Options: Have our staff custom a training program specific to your needs.

  • Seasonal Consultations: Have our staff work with you over the course of the season with remote or on-site consultation services.