Peter Fatse

Founder, Director of Athlete Development

Welcome to the Academy! For those that do not know, I am the founder and Director of Athlete Development at AP Academy. For the past 5-years I have had the luxury of working with some tremendous athletes and families as they have made their way through our doors. It is hard to believe that what began in a small 800-square foot batting cage has grown into managing over 1,000 different athletes each year through a variety of sports. 

My career as a collegiate athlete at the University of Connecticut and professional baseball athlete has taught me necessary disciplines that I bring with me each day to AP: A drive and competitive spirit to provide and seek out the best experience for our athletes. I have had the ability to train, compete and study alongside some of the best in the game today which has laid a strong foundation for how I coach and lead our company. 

We look forward to working with you and to take the first step in helping you achieve your goals. Let's Get Started! 

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