Hashtag Positivity Episode 004: Featuring Nick Ahmed and Peter Fatse

On this episode of The #POSITIVITY Show, John and Jason meet with Nick Ahmed of the Arizona Diamondbacks and Pete Fatse of AP Academy. This episode was shot on location at AP Academy in East Longmeadow.

Jason and John talk with Nick and Pete about:
-Pete’s business and the story behind AP Academy in East Longmeadow and Palmer
-The A.C.E. Principle: Attitude, Concentration, Effort
-The W.I.N. Principle: What’s Important Now
-Nick’s journey to becoming the starting Shortstop for the Arizona Diamondbacks and how a positive
attitude can do great things
-The positive things Pete took from being released from pro baseball
-How to prioritize things in life and make non-negotiables
-Advice from Pete being honest and forthright
-Nick’s story about buffalos and cows, and how to face adversity
-The Word Game