Our Sports Performance Training Programs are designed to address the specific goals and needs of each athlete. Athletes will be assigned a training program designed around improving specific qualities of their overall athleticism as follows: Overall Athletic Development, Strength Development, Speed Development,  Size Development.


Each athlete/adult that walks through our doors has a unique body structure and movement history. It is our primary responsibility to assess these individual characteristics to provide the most valuable training program and best performance enhancement experience possible. Athletes that are looking to begin training in one of our sport performance programs must first undergo a 30-minute Athlete Assessment and Athletic History.

Static Posture, Movement Pattern Efficiency, Individual Shoulder/Hip Structure, Jumping and Loading Mechanics, Nutritional Habits, Short and Long-Term Goals


We offer training programs in the following capacity: Month-to-Month, 3-Month and 6-Month commitments. Each athlete can choose how many day's per week they would like to train given their overall goals and time commitment. For those athletes that are located outside of our immediate vicinity, we offer remote training options. These are a great way to have direction with your programming and the ability to schedule periodic training evaluations.


These programs are offered in conjunction with baseball skill development. We find that our athletes who maximize their training protocols in both areas see the most effective results.

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