The Performance Mindset

While the mechanics of a swing provide quantitative data for us to analyze, a hitters mindset is what ultimately leads to long term results.

Developing Your competitive advantage

In a game of failure, it's easy to get lost in the negativity surrounding the game. Be that as it may, the most empowering trait you possess as an athlete is your perspective. Learning to deal and grow with failure is a separator for elite ballplayers. You have the ability to control your perspective and turn that into your competitive advantage on the field!

In-Game Strategy: Finding your Flow

Developing a sound in-game strategy and approach to each at-bat allows you to free your mind and trust in your process and preparation. Elite athletes have the ability to recall information and execute based on their level of focus, competitive mindset and training to that point.

Practice Principles

Practice, more specifically the intent to which a player practices or trains ultimately has the biggest impact on the training and the results that they get. Understanding these principles can give an athlete the edge during training and see the best long term results.