Seminar Recap: A Look into Level-1 TPI


For those of you in the baseball landscape that are considering attending a TPI Seminar and Certification event, my recommendation couldn’t be stronger. One thing that I believe the game of golf has figured out is what I call, “professionalizing” the industry (is that even a word?)… I’ll explain.

For 2 8-hour days I was submerged in conversation and hands on evaluation with other members of the golf community: golf pro’s, medical professional and strength/conditioning coaches. We were all in the entry (Level-1) protocol phase of the TPI program. Once certified, this program branches into more specific fields such as advanced golf fitness, golf medical, juniors golf concentration and a golf power certification. As a baseball professional, the reason I was attending had nothing to do with my handicap and everything to do with what was under the hood: the learning experience. The interesting thing about baseball professionals and the professional coaching landscape is that there is no uniformity or standard for entry into our field. If an individual has some experience and a cell phone, they can YouTube their way into the profession. While that is not necessarily a bad thing, my desire to take the course and become certified has everything to do with furthering my understanding of the swing as well as the golf PROFESSION as a whole. What I found was that there were literally one hundred other individuals in that room eager to join that network of golf professionals.

The field of professional coaching is changing ever so rapidly with more information and tech entering on an annual basis making it imperative to stay current with trends and tech. Much of the same tech used on the golf course is beginning to enter the baseball world as well: Trackman/Hittrax to measure ball flight, Bodytrac to measure ground force reaction, K-Vest to measure 3-D body mechanics, Super Speed to increase club head or bat-speed… Many, of these companies were in attendance and sharing information on their product and findings and have a crossover into our game.


I am one to constantly critique my processes. I am always certain there is something that I don’t know and something that I should be aware of. So naturally, when we were going over the movement screening process for TPI, I was very excited to learn how they put it “all together”. Without getting into all of the details, their ability to package the importance of each physical screen with the movement deficiencies that correlate to the golf swing were fantastic. From there, how to take that information and begin communicating with fitness professionals in a standardized way was getting me fired up! Their process and TEAM oriented approach was truly inspiring. While we at APA pride ourselves on taking a similar approach, it was a great experience getting to see how one of the top golf performance teams in the country goes about their business.

In summary, for those of you looking to advance your knowledge of movement mechanics and further your understanding of an integrated approach that will resonate with your team/business, I highly recommend this program.