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Redefining Athlete Development 

At the Academy, we are consistently looking to enhance the athlete experience. With new additions to our tech or information, exceeding the demands of the athlete is a top priority. Our training requires a combination of strength, speed, and athletic function. Every athlete we have must "move with purpose" given the demands of their sport. We focus on creating a program that combines rigor with intent to produce the maximum skill necessary. 

Athletes have long been conditioned to believe that "game speed" is the maximum difficulty they will need to manage. We seek to challenge that concept by putting our athletes in training regiments that elevate that level of difficulty. Thus, we see our athletes train and compete at a level that they did not know existed. We hear it all of the time when an athlete is seemingly seeing results that are out of the realm of expectation or on "another level". We seek to train at that level. 

Therein lies the foundation for our "NEXT LEVEL" training regiment. Challenging the conventional training methods and elevating our athletes to levels they did not know existed. 








Individual Training

Individual or private training offers an environment where the athlete can work on all elements of their game in a 1-1 session. The training session is slow and deliberate as we coach specifically to the needs of the athlete. 


Group Training 

Group training allows for an environment that fosters communication and competition. By learning in groups, athletes will have the ability to train in a more 


Camps are seasonal options that allow our athletes to train with the Academy. Our camp programs are conducted in 1-day, 3-day and "weekly" formats. 

Athlete Development Programs

Sport Training Currently Available: Baseball, Football


Youth Academy Session 1: Closed

Youth Academy Session 2:  This program is designed for players ages 12-14 and will be building off of key swing and sports performance concepts that were identified in Session-1. We will also be introducing key infield defensive techniques such as reads, fielding technique, footwork, ball release and infield throwing patterns/accuracy, 

Session 1: Dec. 4th - Feb. 2nd

Session 2: Feb. 5th - Mar. 2nd


High School Baseball Academy Programs

Our high school academy is a 12-week cumulative off-season development program. It is comprised of 2x per week skill development (Hitting, Pitching, Fielding) and 2x per week of sports performance. All athletes will have the ability to train using the same methodology taught to our collegiate and professional clients.

Current Programs: December 4th - March 2nd


Quarterbacks Training

This 12-week comprehensive training program led by former American International quarterback Tommy Guy is aimed to develop and enhance our athletes footwork, ball release, accuracy and pocket presence.

Session 1: January 3rd - March 21st

Times: Youth/Middle School: 7:00 - 8:00 PM / H.S 8:00 - 9:00 PM


6 week chaos wolf pack Clinic 


Former UMass All-American Valdamar T. Brower takes the lead again on a 6 week clinic. Players will focus on T. Brower's art of "chaos" leading to better athletic performance, blitzing ability, hand fighting technique and hunting. Registration and information is below.

Session 1: January 31-March 14 

Time: Wednesday's 7:00 p.m.-9:00 P.M. 

Price: $120.00 (Full program)/$30 Drop-in per Session attended

Who: Player Grades 6-12

Where: 1 Chamber Road Unit 3, Palmer, MA 01069