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Redefining Athlete Development 

At the Academy, we are consistently looking to enhance the athlete experience. With new additions to our tech or information, exceeding the demands of the athlete is a top priority. Our training requires a combination of strength, speed, and athletic function. Every athlete we have must "move with purpose" given the demands of their sport. We focus on creating a program that combines rigor with intent to produce the maximum skill necessary. 

Athletes have long been conditioned to believe that "game speed" is the maximum difficulty they will need to manage. We seek to challenge that concept by putting our athletes in training regiments that elevate that level of difficulty. Thus, we see our athletes train and compete at a level that they did not know existed. We hear it all of the time when an athlete is seemingly seeing results that are out of the realm of expectation or on "another level". We seek to train at that level. 

Therein lies the foundation for our "NEXT LEVEL" training regiment. Challenging the conventional training methods and elevating our athletes to levels they did not know existed. 





Individual Training

Individual or private training offers an environment where the athlete can work on all elements of their game in a 1-1 session. The training session is slow and deliberate as we coach specifically to the needs of the athlete. 


Group Training 

Group training allows for an environment that fosters communication and competition. By learning in groups, athletes will have the ability to train in groups of 4 to 8, still allowing for ample repetitions and a quality coach to athlete ratio.  

University Programs

University Programs are designed to maximize athlete repetitions in a competitive yet developmental environment. These programs vary in duration from multi-day to monthly programs and are skill specific.  

INF University Open Workout Form: July 17th and 18th

Infield University

Infield University is a high level camp designed to teach our infield process in a condensed format. These sessions are 2-days, 2-hours in length and will cover fielding mechanics, throwing mechanics and team defensive situations.

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Fall Baseball 

This fall Advanced Performance Academy is very excited to be offering new Fall Baseball team opportunities. These teams will participate in the Varsity and JV High School Fall Ball league as well as various tournaments throughout the Northeast. We will be holding a mini-camp tryout on Wednesday, August 15th to determine which roster best suits each player. Teams will be provided one on-field team practice and one indoor team hitting night per week for the duration of the Fall Ball season. Our goal with each team is to continue player development through professional level instruction and an elite coaching staff. 


15u Program 

  • 15u Tournament Team: 3-4 Tournaments in addition to mid-week training (13 Athletes)
  • 15u Developmental Team: 12-game schedule in addition to mid-week training (13 Athletes)

14u Program 

  • 14u Developmental (Red): 12-game schedule in addition to mid-week training (13 Athletes) 

  • 14u Developmental (Black): 12-game schedule in addition to mid-week training (13 Athletes) 

** For those athletes interested in joining our 15u Prep Program for the 2018-2019 Academic year, it is imperative that you attend the mini-camp. We highly encourage athletes to participate in fall ball as a means to learn more about our program and be further evaluated. ** 



Date: Wednesday, August 15

Time: 5:30 P.M.-7:30 P.M.

Location: JV Baseball Field at Minnechaug REgional High School,

621 Main St, Wilbraham, MA 01095

Price: $20.00 (cash on-site)

Age: 14 & 15


Summer Training Programs

Our summer training programs are a combination of skill development and sports performance geared towards maximizing our athletes experience and results. These programs use the same protocols used to train athletes in the highest level of the game. 

Program Schedule: June 18th - August 11th, 2018

Full Payment Option

Tier 1 Training

  • 3x Per Week Strength and Conditioning / Testing Protocols 
  • 10-30 Min Private Training Sessions 
  • Customized Development Program with Video Analysis 
  • Access to on-field workouts (when available)

Tier 2 Training 

Full Payment Option

  •  2x Per Week Strength and Conditioning / Testing Protocols
  • 5-30 Min Private Training Sessions (Hitting or Pitching)
  • Customized Development Program with Video Analysis