Individual Training

Individual or private training offers an environment where the athlete can work on all elements of their game in a 1-1 session. The training session is slow and deliberate as we coach specifically to the needs of the athlete. 


Group Training 

Group training allows for an environment that fosters communication and competition. By learning in groups, athletes will have the ability to train in groups of 4 to 8, still allowing for ample repetitions and a quality coach to athlete ratio.  

University Programs

University Programs are designed to maximize athlete repetitions in a competitive yet developmental environment. These programs vary in duration from multi-day to monthly programs and are skill specific.  

14u Fall Baseball Program

September through Mid-October (8-Weeks) 

The 14u Fall Program at APA is geared towards getting athletes more experience on the 90' diamond. This program will compete in local weekend competition as well as practice weekly 2x (on-field and at the training facility). 

  • 14u Developmental (Red): 12-game schedule in addition to mid-week training (12 Athletes) 

  • 14u Developmental (Black): 12-game schedule in addition to mid-week training (12 Athletes) 

Cost: $500.00

15u Fall Baseball Program 

September through Mid-October (8-weeks) 

  • 15u Tournament Team: Tournaments in addition to league play at the New England Baseball Complex (12 Athletes)
  • 15u Developmental Team: 12-game schedule in addition to mid-week training (12 Athletes)

Cost: $500.00

** For those athletes interested in joining our 15u Prep Program for the 2018-2019 Academic year, it is imperative that you attend the mini-camp. We highly encourage athletes to participate in fall ball as a means to learn more about our program and be further evaluated. **

eveloping Hitters that have the ability to compete at the highest level of the game is what we aim to do. We make an effort to consistently evaluate our process and the methods to which we teach using data points and analysis.


Our hitting philosophy is based around identifying key elements to each hitters unique make-up. We do not believe that hitters should be put "in a box" as it pertains to mechanics but through self-discovery and analysis, each hitter works with our staff to build their swing in truly a collaborative effort .


While there is not one specific style to which elite hitters swing, there is an elite pattern that we see with the games highest level hitters. Blending the unique "style" of each hitter with the elite "patterns" is a process that takes time. There are no shortcuts. However, we believe that each hitter can possess a mechanical advantage that creates a greater margin for success.


If you are a hitter looking to take a cumulative approach to your development,  if you are a ballplayer looking to become the best version of yourself or are simply trying to learn as much as you can about the swing then we can start from here. We at APA/The Baseball Institute are constantly learning and evolving to develop the best systems for our athletes. We look forward to sharing that information with you!