Your 1% Difference

As athletes, we are consistently searching to “redefine” and “re-tool”. Part of that search for perfection is what has helped you achieve the success you have had up until this point. But there is a limit to progression. We want to limit the amount of times that we ride the emotional rollercoaster on a daily/weekly basis as that short-term evaluation often makes it hard for us to see the bigger picture. For those athletes looking for the steep incline and the stimulus from a “GREAT day”, it will be very difficult to recover from a “TERRIBLE day”.

The key to avoiding this is to make sure you are constantly moving forward, always making another stride. This may come from a day of work that seemed like regression however you learned something new about yourself or the conviction you have in your preparation. It can also come from having the best game of your career and practicing the discipline of “in victory or in defeat”.

The primary discipline to becoming 1% better each day lies in the process you take to your work on a daily basis.