AP Baseball Youth Academy

The AP Youth Academy is a program designed for our 13U athletes looking to maximize their training routines and implement the same principles as our College Prep athletes. These program will be offered at the 12U and 14U age groupings for the 2015-2016 off-season months. These 3-month programs offer a combination of baseball skill development as well as speed and agility components. While athletes have the 1-day training option, those athletes looking to participate 2x per week can register for that.

About the Programs

Baseball Skill Development

During these sessions, our athletes will participate in offensive and defensive workouts on a weekly basis through out the 3-month program. Each athlete that applies for the youth academy will go through a baseline testing on our HitTrax system. 

Academy Strength, Arm Care and Athletic Development Program

The program that we offer to our youth academy is a great way for our athletes to create a foundation that is similar to standards used with our high school collegiate and professional athletes. It's important for these athletes to understand how to prepare, maintain and recover from the demands of their sport.

Spring Training Camp (New for 2017)

Spring Training Camp is a continuation of our Youth Academy Programs leading up to the start of league and tournament play in April. The focus of these camps is to continually build our players strength and skill. Within this program we will also simulate live at bats using the HitTrax technology to get our players prepared to take the field.

Athletes participating in our current Youth Academy will have priority for registration when open.