Each athlete/adult that walks through our doors has a unique body structure and movement history. It is our primary responsibility to assess these individual characteristics to provide the most valuable training program and best performance enhancement experience possible. All athletes will meet privately with our Director of Sports Performance for a 1-Hour Performance Assessment & Consultation. 

What Information Will I Leave With?

               1) Fundamental Movement Skills Acquisition

                          -Proper Squat, Hinge, Jump, Landing Mechanics

               2) TrainHeroic Training Account

               3) "Fundamentals Of Nutrition" Reference Packet

               What Are We Assessing?

                                           1) Static Posture

                                           2) Movement Pattern Efficiency

                                           3) Individual Shoulder & Hip Structure

                                           4) Jumping & Landing Mechanics


Sports performance Programs

SElecting the best program for your needs

All training programs are designed and monitored through our online training platform, TRAINHEROICThis software promotes an interactive training experience for every athlete using our programming. Athletes have the ability to access full training programs, video demonstrations, and an exercise database through the AP TrainHeroic app to record their personal achievements, track progress, and never miss a training session! 

Monthly Training (4-Week Program) 

Available in 2-Day, 3-Day, or 4-Day Training Options

          Designed for athletes 

3-Month TraininG (12-Week Program)

9-Month training (36-week program)

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