Baseball training

AP Baseball was founded on the ability to teach high-level baseball hitting, throwing and fielding mechanics. Working with some of the top athletes in the country from the Major Leagues through nationally recognized collegiate baseball programs, preparing the highest level of baseball athletes is something we have specialized in. We have taken those principles taught at the highest level and developed a curriculum for our youth and high school athletes mirroring those same concepts. The baseball training programs at the Academy offer a variety of training, from 1:1 instruction, small group/team training as well as seasonal development camps

Notable College Programs

Join the over 100 college baseball players that have trained with the Academy since 2010.


PRIVATE TRAINING (1 on 1) . . .

Private instruction is a great option for those athletes looking for more 1-1 attention in 30 or 60 minute sessions. The 60-minute training sessions are typically done with players 13 and older or at the discretion of the coaching staff. The 30-minute sessions offer a more flexible training schedule and are recommended for our players that are ages 12 and under or are looking to get more frequency with their workouts.


Semi-Private (2 on 1, 3 on 1, 4 on 1) programs with AP Baseball offer athletes the same player development experience given in private training sessions.


Team programs with AP Baseball offer structure for any teams off-season training. With first class facilities and an elite coaching staff, AP has hosted youth, high school and collegiate teams for off-season training programs. Whether it's utilizing the facility or participating in customized team programs, AP has a reputation for delivering a one of a kind player development experience.

YOUTH ACADEMY (14u) . . .

The AP Youth Academy is a program designed for our 13U athletes looking to maximize their training routines and implement the same principles as our College Prep athletes. These program will be offered at the 12U and 14U age groupings for the 2015-2016 off-season months. These 3-month programs offer a combination of baseball skill development as well as speed and agility components. While athletes have the 1-day training option, those athletes looking to participate 2x per week can register for that.


The high school baseball academy combines both strength and conditioning with skill specific training for each of our members a the various stages of their development. Every athlete that walks through our doors has a different skill set as well as strengths and weaknesses. It is our priority to identify those areas for development and give them the tools to achieve their goals. Areas of Focus: Skill Development (Position Specific and Team Fundamentals), Strength and Conditioning: The foundations of strength and conditioning, Mental Conditioning: Building mental toughness and champion mindset, College Preparation: Beginning phases of the college "search" and recruiting cycle.


College and Professional baseball players have trusted AP Academy with their off-season training for years. Our staff has the ability to provide high-level on-field training combined with weightroom training. Summer and Winter Sessions.

2017/2018 Winter Academies

High School Academy Registration iS OPEN

3-Month Program, 2x per week skill and Strength and Conditioning

Youth (13u) Academy Registration is OPEN

**Please Note: We are only accepting 24-athletes for Session 1 (8-Weeks) beginning December 4th

Know your strengths. Identify your weaknesses.

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