ABout AP CAmps

AP has become the leader in baseball and football skill camps through out Greater Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut. Training with the AP coaching staff gives our athletes the ability to further develop their skill sets in a competitive yet instructional environment. Our programs are created by age as each program is carefully designed to maximize the experience for every athlete in our program.



Athletes can expect a first class experience with every program. From skill-specific training to athlete mentorship, our coaches all share a passion for helping athletes achieve their greatest potential.



The facilities on site as well as off-site that are used for camps and clinics are first class. We pride ourselves in giving our athletes the tools that they need to be successful.


Camps with the Academy are conducted in a very energetic, enthusiastic environment. Our coaching staff and players aim to give each of our athletes the ability to work in a challenging environment.



Learn from some of the best coaches in the region. Our coaching staff is comprised of dozens of coaches that have playing and coaching experience at the professional and collegiate levels.


Performance Training is a key piece to an athletes success. Not only is strength important to production on field, but also key to keeping our athletes safe an on field longer.



At all times of the year, youth and high school athletes at the academy have the opportunity to train alongside professional and collegiate athletes in their fields.

APID Camps/Showcases

The AP ID camps are the Advanced Performance Academy's primary evaluation and showcasing events. These camps are designed to provide our athletes with a first class players development experience, focusing on both individual and group/team skills. Each athlete that participates in an AP ID camp will first undergo a series of sport related tests. These tests help to identify benchmarks for future athletic performance as well as give each athlete the necessary information to continue their development. After, these athletes go through a series of workouts designed to further coach and "teach" athletes more specific fundamentals. 

Measurable Data

The primary focus of and ID Series event is to obtain measurable, sport specific data. Some examples of measurable information can be seen as follows:

  • 60/40/30-yard dash time splits
  • 1st to third times
  • Ball Exit Velocity
  • Velocities By Position
  • Catch to Release Times
  • Throwing Accuracy

Player Reports

Each player participating in and ID Series event will receive a player profile report with all of their data listed. While the numbers are one thing, the important aspect to these camps is using the information to create better plans for athlete development and

Player Development Plans

Work with our team of coaches and player development experts to help you maximize your performance on the field. Using the data collected from any one of the ID Series events, we can help assist putting plans in place to help your child continue to develop to their maximum potential.