At AP, Our Athletes Are Our Priority.

“Our goal is to offer a one of a kind opportunity for athletes to become more than they thought they could be.”
— Peter Fatse, Founder and Director of Player Development

With a diverse coaching staff with backgrounds in multiple areas of athletics and academics, we provide the tools needed to make the most of your total athlete experience. From the physical training to the skill specific work as well as mental conditioning and academic planning, each of our athletes has the resources needed to put themselves in a position to achieve their personal potential.

Each and every member of the AP Academy coaching staff shares one common goal; the betterment of our athletes. Simply put, we are here to help you achieve your peak potential. We want each of our athletes to experience the "success" they have sought out and in many cases, that level of success differs from athlete to athlete. It is very important to our staff that we take the time to get to know the athletes coming into our facility so that we can provide them with the motivation and direction that they need.

About the Academy

What started as a single batting tunnel has now expended into a state of the art 11,000 sq. ft. training facility specializing in the total development of student-athletes. From skill specific training to strength and conditioning, The Academy trains a wide variety of athletes from the Major Leagues down through amateur and youth sports. 

Our Purpose

The AP Academy is here for one reason, and one reason only: To Build Champions. We preach the process to which champions are built. It’s a process that can’t be mastered overnight. Our aim is to inspire our athletes and empower them to take over their careers through hard work, information and dedication.


The AP ID camps are the Advanced Performance Academy's primary evaluation and showcasing events. These camps are designed to provide our athletes with a first class players development experience, focusing on both individual and group/team skills. Each athlete that participates in an AP ID camp will first undergo a series of sport related tests. These tests help to identify benchmarks for future athletic performance as well as give each athlete the necessary information to continue their development. After, these athletes go through a series of workouts designed to further coach and "teach" athletes more specific fundamentals.